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    Realistically how much money will I need on hand, I know it differs with products and wholesalers but typically what would you say is a amount that will get me started.

    What other requirements besides license will I need to get started, do they take in to consideration like web site traffic or ebay/amazon feedback. I have neither lol. Just want to get some info before I begin my journey :) Appreciate any help.
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    Only the cost to open an account on amazon/ebay

    Oh, and us! We are Wholesaler and Dropshipper.
    Gold - Silver - Fashion - Deco
    You can buy at wholesale price (around 50% of retail) + DS fee and have it shipped world-wide via DHL/FedEx (Tracking).
    No min. amount or quantity required!

    ASINs for easy Amazon [US/UK] setup & product feeds for several web shopping systems available.

    If you are interested, pm me.
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    Aside from the documents you need to get your business set-up, some wholesalers might require a tax ID#, which is a good idea anyway. Incorporating is always good to protect your company, but not necessary for now if you're just starting out. When you are ready to incorporate, check out incnow. They were very easy to work with, and fast.

    As far as how much money you will need, it depends. If you are selling designer replica sunglasses, you can probably do it with $500-$1,000. If you're selling LCD T.V.'s, maybe more like $25,000-$50,000. How much you need is limited by how much you sell. If you don't have much money to start, you may need to sell what you can afford to pay for upfront, and keep building that up. If you have more money to start, you can build it up quicker because you can afford to buy and sell more products each time. Just my thoughts.
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    One good, no-risk model to test whether you can actually SELL any product (you gotta pick one, ya know) is to start by selling as an affiliate. Just build a business (website) around your niche and refer to an affiliate program. If you suck at some but find a winner in another, then look for a drop shipper of that product. The most profit per item is in wholesale or drop ship but being an affiliate first, with no money shelled out, helps you define your products sell-abillity, profit-abillity and your ability to just sell! It takes time to build your talent and expertise before investing in product. You may find an entirely different path to follow and then be stuck with all that inventory if you guess wrong.
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    Wholesellers will need some good money. You should try with dropshippers first.