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    I recently started a new project that involves PPD and some Copyrighted content. I'm using Blogger as a platform to provide the links to download the content. Today when I checked the email for the Blogger account, there was a DMCA notice from Google. It basically said that received a complaint from someone and they reverted 2 of my blog posts to "DRAFT" status.

    Is this something I should really worry about?

    Obviously, I'm not going to re-publish the content that warranted the complaint to Google...
    Technically, I'm not hosting the Copyright files, I'm just providing a link to the place that people can find it. Kind of like a "middle man"...

    What would you guys recommend for hosting the links that allow people to download the content? Blogger was my first choice since it was free and fast to get everything set-up. Should I seek out another kind of hosting?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I think you shuld be fine, just remove any other copyrighted content.

    However, I kind of want to say something about what you say here.. what i want to say is grow a pair of balls. The hosting company probably includes in its TOS that it is not to be held liable for what is hosted on their site, so 1) you are probably responsible for distributing pirated material (that's why it took a FBI raid on Megaupload and still Kim Dotcom hasn't been extradited because he covered his ass legally pretty well) and 2) if you're going to do something about it, don't run and hide behind someone else to take the blame for your actions. Seriously.. if you are scared of getting in trouble, just do something legal. If you want to dabble with illegal stuff, then do it like a man.
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    As Girgio said, you'll more than likely be fine. Remove the offending content..