Day 1 – Good Morning Vietnam

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    Goooood morning money makers (or assholes as a lot of people like to call us)! Whether you?re just getting started or whether you?re a seasoned affiliate veteran I?m sure there will be something here for everyone to make use of. Information in this business is key.

    I?m sure you?ve all been witness to grand offers such as ?WE PROMISE TO MAKE YOU A TOP EARNER, LEARN HOW SOME OF THE BEST AFFILIATE MARKETERS WORK THEIR CAMPAIGN?S WITH OUR 5 GOLDEN RULES AND WE GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL INCREASE YOUR PROFITABILITY TEN-FOLD?. Let me stress that I am not going to make anyone rich, all the UMF is intended to do is point you in the right direction by providing a plan but it?s your responsibility to use it to your advantage and if done correctly I can guarantee you that you will see your revenues sky rocket.

    Any successful business model starts with a sound business plan. If you?ve got a good plan then you?ve got a good business so take time, plan carefully and map out every step of the way. In doing so you will increase your chances of succeeding ten-fold and you will make life a lot easier for yourself in the future. This is often the hardest stage but once complete you?re almost half way there and have already picked up the momentum you need to see it through so keep this in mind.

    Momentum is crucial, when you get some you?ve got to ride the wave, see it through and DO NOT let yourself get distracted. Distraction has cost me thousands of pounds in the past, whole week?s worth of potential earnings lost because of stifled momentum. So when you?ve got it keep it up, learn what works and what doesn?t and adjust but always ALWAYS keep momentum.