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    Hey there folks,

    I'm Davers. Just an average every day nobody that is hoping to make a fortune online. Well...close. I've actually been doing this for awhile, and the truth is I've made a decent living off the internet for several years in a row.

    I won't blow up the claim radar with doctored shots of my income or anything, but I'll tell you it's enough to get by on, and maybe even eat some ice cream every now and then.

    Anyway...it's tough when you're first starting out, so I wanted to throw something together for you that might help with your introduction to IM. I'm calling it 30 Days of Content. It's entirely free, and here is a preview:

    Hey guys,
    It?s only about 10 hours or so away, but I wanted to
    give everyone a sneak peek into what will be going on
    during the 30-days of content marathon, so here?s a
    look at the first four days of material:
    [B][U]30 Days Of Content - First 4 Preview[/U][/B]
    Day 1 - Exploration of Google Adsense as a monetization
    vehicle. We explore whether or not this is an effective
    means for generating online wealth.[/LIST]
    [LIST]Day 2 - We explore the gestalt thinking that keeps
    most people down, but allows some people to become
    internet millionaires.[/LIST]
    [LIST]Day 3 - An in-depth look at affiliate marketing.[/LIST]
    [LIST]Day 4 - I?ll expose why article marketing may not be
    the best strategy for increasing your brands awareness.[/LIST]
    This is a pretty good series I?ve developed, and I expect you will find value in it, and that it will contribute to your long-term online success, so keep an eye out. And, if anything captures your attention, please send me an email, drop me a line, leave a comment. Just do something so I can get you clarification, or expand on the subject with you.

    And don?t forget to join the email list for the juicy secrets and tidbits that can help maximize your online potential. You can make money online.

    So there?s a peek at the first 4 days of content from the 30 Days Of Internet Marketing Content Series. Click the link in my signature if you want more information.
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