Damn Yahoo News

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by shylesson, Jul 31, 2010.

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    I was logging into my yahoo account as that is the one I use for my paypal and subsequently a majority of my downloads go there because that's what ppl like to do...but I [email protected] the irony!!! FOCK!

    So I was logging into yahoo, but I went to yahoo.com and saw one of their little stories about the munsters or w/e and I remember watching as a kid but the guy looked familiar so I went to wikipedia and looked him up and idk how but I ended up on wikipedia for 3.5 hours just reading on everyone from Doris Day and Rock Hudson to Charles Manson and the Manson Family, Gomer Pyle, Cleopatra, and other various movie stars, characters, and Manson Family members. All from just clicking the damn links in wikipedia that makes it just oh so easy for you to read about whatever is being talked about in the original article you were looking at! Wasted 3.5 hours of my morning? Perhaps. Surely. But I've always been so addicted to 'knowledge' that I often get sucked into Wikipedia just reading and reading and reading to 'know' more despite the fact that most of it is 'useless knowledge'. :/ So I guess I should say 'damn Wikipedia', but Yahoo News started it!
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    Hah! You're not alone - I do the same thing anytime I read a Wikipedia article. It always seems to be me looking for one piece of information, but the way they link the articles together always seems to have me constantly finding another interesting topic.
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    I hate that..lol. I'll site down to do something specifically and start reading news or whatever, just to forget what the hell I wanted to do in the first place.