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Cyndi's Advice 7 deadly sins- Do you agree?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by jhardy, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I found this on POF written by one of the admin's. What do you think? does it sound correct?

    Cyndi?s 7 Deadly Sins of POF Advertising and How To Turn Them Around!

    February 14, 2013 in Helpful Tips

    Hey POFvertisers!

    It?s Cyndi here to share some basic essentials with y?all. For many of you, this will be stating the obvious (POF veterans, do gloss over), but for newbies, study this list to make sure you?re not committing any of these CTR-killers. Believe me, if you?re new to POF and you?re doing any of these, you?re leaving money on the table.

    The Newbies? 7 Deadly Sins Of POF Advertising:
    1. Testing only one creative per campaign
    2. Testing only pixelated/undersized/boring or pro-looking images
    3. Using hella-broad targeting (such as multiple countries, both genders, a large age group, etc?)
    4. Testing only one ad text (being generic, not taking advantage of great angle opportunities)
    5. Not split-testing (creating only one campaign per offer)
    6. Promoting a slew of products at the same time?before making a profit
    7. Not studying/learning from other advertisers

    Are you committing any of these? Well not to worry, now that I?ve told you what NOT to do, let me go in-depth to explain what TO do to have a kickass campaign on POF:

    The 7 Steps to Success on POF:

    First off: You will want to split-test more images. Only testing one (or a few) is like putting all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. We recommend testing 5-10 unique images per campaign so you can see what works and what doesn?t work. If after 15,000 impressions an ad has a CTR ? click through rate ? below 0.100%, you?ll want to consider deactivating it and uploading a new image into your campaign. It?s free to add more images in a campaign and provides invaluable data about what your audience responds to, so it?s important to test that out. Remember, the first stages of a campaign are about gathering data about what does and does not work ? so make sure you are gathering GREAT data for your investment.

    Second: Find images that are eye-catching. We find that royalty-free amateur-looking ads tend to do well on POF (perhaps people are able to mentally block out ads that look like ads?) so don?t be shy about choosing non-pro-looking images for your campaigns. If the image you have isn?t the right size, try cropping it so that it is the exact size required. There are free programs available online and sometimes they already exist on your computer (such as Microsoft Paint) so you can try your hand at designing ads. Also make sure that you are taking full advantage of your creative space ? sometimes advertisers shrink down images to the point that they appear pixelated, illegible and undersized. This results in an image (the showpiece of your ad) not selling your offer well. If you are paying for ad space, carpe-diem the sh*t out of it : )

    Third: Reign in your targeting. Although targeting every person from the ages of 19-99 in six countries may seem like a good idea it?s actually a huge no-no. It happens all the time, and I can see why people do it, but please don?t. What broad targeting does is burn through your budget with lightning speed while not not allowing you to know which countries were most responsive to your ads. As you can imagine, this data is extremely important in order to create a lucrative campaign. So always, at the very least target one country, one 5-10 year age group and one gender, plus a few other targets that are relevant to your offer. When setting up your targeting consider who would be most interested in your offer, as well as who would not be interested. For those who would not be likely to convert on your offer, you can ?exclude them? by selecting the ?≠ (is not equal to)? in the targeting section.

    Fourth: Test out a few different ad texts. Find some unique angles. If for example, you were promoting weight loss, you could think of some benefits to share with your audience, for example, ?Look great for your date!? or ?Wear a bikini this summer!? could be unique propositions attractive to members. You may also want to consider targeting a specific audience and calling out to them in your text. That tends to work wonders : )

    Fifth: Split test your campaigns. What I mean by this is to create a group of campaigns all promoting the same offer, but each targeting a different demographic. This way you can quickly see which groups are interested in your offer and which ones are not. For example you could create six campaigns all promoting the same offer:

    US Men 30-39
    US Men 40-49
    US Men 50-59
    US Women 30-39
    US Women 40-49
    US Women 50-59

    Or if you?re keen, test out some campaigns targeted to Canadians as well (for example):

    CA Men 30-39
    CA Men 40-49
    CA Men 50-59
    CA Women 30-39
    CA Women 40-49
    CA Women 50-59

    Make sense? Of course targeting for each of those campaigns would include the extra targets that are specifically relevant to your offer. Some good targets to test out down the road are Login Count, Ads Clicked and Session Depth (we have great posts about these in the blog, so do read on). These are competitive targets that will require you to raise your bid, but you will likely find that the results are worth it.

    Sixth: Only focus on promoting one product/offer at a time until you?re making profits. It can be overwhelming (and expensive) to promote multiple offers and you want to do one well before introducing more to your account. Focus on one offer and give it your best shot before investing in another one.

    Seventh: Study the advertising blog. I couldn?t stress that enough. There?s so much free information in this blog (and on other blogs on the net) that will help you to optimize your campaigns. Even if you only have time to read a few posts a day do invest the time, Young Jedi : ) We have guest blog posts written by advertisers who are making bank on POF ? and they share their secrets to success. Game changing? Yup, most definitely. You won?t want to miss out.

    So those are the 7 Sins and 7 success tips. The question is: are you committing any of these sins? Are you rocking any of these success tips? Feel free to repent or brag in the comments below : )
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