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Cut the BS and get to UnGagged

Discussion in 'UnGagged Las Vegas' started by UnGagged.com, Sep 21, 2018.

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    Why Get UnGagged?

    UnGagged is different. Yes, we say that a lot, but it’s true. It’s the only conference that provides you with straight-talking, real-world tactics that will actually make you money.

    Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a laugh and swap business cards with some of the top internet marketers and SEOs?


    This is what you need to know:

    The speakers at UnGagged give you real case studies that they have used and practiced in their actual work, which have given them tangible results. Time and time again our speakers will tell attendees they really (no, really) can’t photograph, record or tweet their slides because the content they’re sharing is sensitive stuff. It’s real world stuff. And it’s stuff that has been proven to work. How could you not want to find out more?

    Does this sound pretty similar to a lot of the threads in the Making Money section on BHW? You’re right. It is. Just like BHW, we want to know the tried and tested methods to help you make bank. What if you could actually talk to the person who has done it, and ask them prying questions to get even more details? Get yourself to UnGagged, and you can do just that.

    Calling UnGagged a conference, isn’t really doing it justice.

    Think of it more like an exclusive club of experts. We keep numbers pretty small so that our industry pros will share real insights and have open discussions with people like you. What’s more - we don’t keep speakers and attendees separate. Everyone at UnGagged has lunch together, mingles and engages in open discussions, creating connections that actually last beyond the end of the event. This isn’t some stuffy, corporate conference. This is SEO and IM geeks from different backgrounds and professions coming together to keep their approaches fresh, and their bank accounts topped up.

    This year, we’ve got over 30 speakers, split over 3 days and 3 tracks. To give you an idea… Thomas Smale will be joining the speaker roster again, to talk about site and business flipping. Barry Adams will be sharing all things technical SEO, and Tom Anthony will be telling you exactly how he broke Google and got paid a pretty penny for doing so. And that’s just a taste, check out the full list of speakers for more information.

    Looking to save a buck? This is the last week that you can get your ticket at the Early Bird rate, which is $895 $760.75 for BHW members. Get your discount code at the Partnerships page and remember to apply it before you checkout. Plus, if you book now you can take advantage of our special room rate at Caesars Palace. There’s a limited number of rooms left at $129 per night, so don’t wind up fighting for a bed at nearby hotels for hundreds of dollars a pop.

    Have you been trying to decide whether it’s worth travelling to Las Vegas for the BHW meet-up? Why not go the whole hog and come along to both? Get your UnGagged conference ticket and come to the first ever Las Vegas BHW meet-up for a weekend packed with food, SEO and IM.

    And if that’s not enough, @Don't Panic, @WilhelmScream, @Society Girl, @Diamond Damien, @tymillz and @Zwielicht are all going to be there, so you know it’s got to be good.
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