Customizing Embedded Tweets [Need Help]

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    Twitter has a feature which allows pasting embedded tweets directly on the website, just by going into tweet options and copying the code.

    The issue is I am an amateur coder. Now, whenever I paste the code, I try to customize it such as:

    *Removing Date
    *Removing Follow Button
    *Inceasing the size of the photo

    Nothing changes.

    Basically I don't want anyone to redirect to twitter when they come on my website.

    Apart for Replying, Retweeting and Favoriting because those 3 are just pop ups and after the action they close the popup.

    Suppose if I click on someone's Avatar, Username, Date, Follow button on a tweet, it immediately goes to twitter. I don't want that. has done some coding. I too needed some codes to remove all that.

    Any help is highly welcomed!
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