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Discussion in 'Adwords' started by indianaxjones, Nov 29, 2015.

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    CPV - $2.50
    CTR - 3.34%

    these are not good right?

    an outsourced company is handling PPC for the place I work for and I finally got to see a report.

    Anyone have some feedback on how to get them to increase CTR?

    Or what I can ask the company who's handling the PPC?
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    These are just numbers without meaning, no context. I can give you 163. That's good, right? It's my height in centimeters. Now you have context. If you are shorter, you are thinking it's good and want to reach those heights. If you are taller, you simply laugh.

    For PPC, the real number is Quality Score. It's a measure of how well your CTR (primarily) compares to competitors, no matter the position. Have better ads that more people click on and your QS will improve and you will see your ads move up for the same or lower CPC. A good agency should know that, no need to tell them, and work toward that goal.

    Are you tracking conversions? That's the bottom line, isn't it? You want more sales and profits. So what's your conversion rate?

    Are these the only numbers reported? If it was me, I would tell you how this month compares to last month and a lot of other information to help you get more sales.
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    The CTR is perfectly fine, while for estimating CPC, there are too many factors or thinks to consider before giving out any offer, why don't you get your account audited and see how it can be made better?

    P.S. In case if looking for account auditing, do reach me. :)