CTR from .23% to 3% and climbing

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    Hi guys, Im sure this topic has been posted a lot. But I thought I would reiterate this from first hand experience.

    While I do run a semi/auto blog, mainly pulling targeted news feeds, I started spending time on the quality of my articles, tags, keywords etc...

    What I have found first hand is:
    If you write quality content properly targeted to the audience you intend they will stay longer, click other links on your site to see what else you might have that interests them, and......adsen$e properly targets the ads to your audience, thereby optimizing your potential CTR.

    So your BL efforts should be targeted also on places that have similar audience of who your trying to attract. This could also lead to higher CPC as higher conversions from your page could get advertisers to start bidding more for spots on your site.

    By doing this I cut my bounce rate by 40% too. On the particular site Im working on, I started out with maybe $2 a day, and Ive got it over $35 day now and increasing as I ad more quality content. Just one site!

    I think readers appreciate good content, and eventually you will be rewarded for it.

    This is just my experience (my 2 cents), others may have different opinions, but it makes sense to me. So if your using a full AB, maybe pick out some of your highest visited posts and on a daily basis, hand write them keeping the heading and whatever KWs are already attracting visits to that page, add in some more from your KW research and keep going.

    If more experienced BHWers can chime in here and correct me if Im wrong please do.

    PS I have visitors spending as much as 45 minutes on my site now.
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