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Jan 23, 2016
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Hi I'm looking for a css and html expert, i already know some css and html, but can't figure out what i'm trying to get done.

For half hour of your time I'll pay $15 ; preferably via bitcoin.

I have a single page it's a fairly simple page. It has a table and a sidebar. The sidebar used to collapse when the width was reduced. Since i changes the css to make it look good on the desktop now it doesn't. Also the table is too small, and buttons overflow it when the screen is reduced.

I want you to show me how I can make it responsive. It doesn't have to look perfect, I'll use @media queries later to get it looking perfect, but for now I just want the elements to collapse properly and not to overfill etc.

You'll need skype as I want to talk to you and do it together so i can figure out what you did to get it to work.

My skype is alwaystoday, feel free to drop me a line if you can do it. Please only contact me if you are expert at this kind of thing as i'd rather not waste any time etc.

Payment once the elements are collapsing properly on browser resize.

what you need to do is use PHP to recognize the device/screen size and then have it load different CSS pages based on the device. lmk if you need help with this.
As per responsive is concern, We will do the things for very low price and you will get 100% responsive and you can chk in Responsinator and other various tools
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