CSS app completion as well as a programmer needed

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    I am looking to hire someone to complete/fill out the css and look on these apps (http://socialstage.com) for facebook that have the same look as our client's website.

    In other words customize each one to match the corresponding website.

    If you are not familiar with social stage please log in to it and walk through it before applying.

    ***ALSO*** seperately


    This menu needs to be visible on the restaurant's facebook page with the ability to place the order from that facebook page.

    Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chick...CA/103676084716?ref=ts&sk=app_111815202203939

    The order would go through the rotr.com system. So I am looking for someone who can do this programming.

    Please feel free to apply for both or just one position.