Critique the SEO on my LP?

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    Hey Guys,

    I have one mainBIG Question in this post. I wrote the main page of my LP in raw HTML and I have the subpages built in wordpress. Is that okay from an SEO standpoint and will bing like this for my QS?

    I'm trying to get an LP up and running for bing:

    This thread explains how to get DKI on your LP, is there a way to test this?

    Is this all I need to insert into my LP?

    <? echo $_GET['your.keyword.parameter'] ?>
    My Bing keyword parameter is {keyword}, so does that mean:

    <? echo $_GET[{keyword}] ?>
    Something looks off there, but if that's how it is, that's how it is.... & yeah how do I test this?

    The landing page

    So I have a profile style LP that converts well on social, so I'd like to preserve the visual elements:

    here's the file (is my seo messed up at all?) -


    Some notes on this LP:

    1. In area 2, I ripped out all the redirect.php hrefs, bing says they don't like redirects, so the only redirect.php href I have is area one, which is the most visually obvious one.

    2. I've included about 600 words of text in area three which includes DKI

    3. I've inserted DKI into the area 3, the title tag, and bullet points.

    As mentioned earlier, this LP you're seeing is written in raw HTML and the subpages are in thesis theme on wordpress, is that fine from an SEO standpoint?

    Btw, the subpages from area 4 look like this:


    Any feedback here? Thanks! Will give this a go ASAP and let you know how this goes!