critique my referer faking network

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    id love to hear what some more experienced folks have to say about this. been fiddling around testing this and seems to work well so far.

    basically, you have two main sites. one has the blackhat tactics like incentives or slicing or whatever. the other is a whitehat blog which links directly to the external offer. traffic from the blackhat site looks like it is coming from the whitehat one.

    the top row slices the submit field of the offer and puts it into an iframe.

    on submission, the visitor is taken to another page on the same domain which has an iframe of the full offer.this 'double dips' the visitor.

    a visitor to the blackhat site will never see the whitehat site. to the external sites, all traffic to either of my sites looks like it came from the 'whitehat' blog by using brad's cpa redirector 2 wp-plugin.

    please excuse my crappy quick sketch :rolleyes:

    please tell me any holes in this plan, or if you are confused by my rambling description.