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Criticize my plan

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by alexistheboss15, May 22, 2015.

  1. alexistheboss15

    alexistheboss15 Regular Member

    Apr 20, 2013
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    I want to create Authority review site for Amazon/YouTube.

    I will be creating 50 YouTube videos per month, sending 1,000 HR - 2,000 HR Views to each, 50 Likes to each, 20 comments to each, 50 shares to each.
    I will also use GSA SER/CB to rank each video to help rank the site with stronger backlinks.

    I will be writing 10 articles (500 words each) per day (Not only me, I will pay people as well).

    At this rate by end of 2015 with a few weeks break in a few times I will hopefully have:

    1,500 Articles 500 words each
    300 YouTube Videos.


    I will then pay money to Sponsor YouTubers to put links to my site, and an advert in their video.

    I will also pay Google at CPC = 0.01£/Click for YouTube Videos. I will have 3 different trailers, and have it set on 10£/day each, that's 1,000 Clicks/day each.

    By end of 2015 I should have 180,000 Views on each of those videos from the advertisements alone. At 3% conversion to subscriber/viewer I will have (180,000*3*0.03)= 16,200 New subscribers :) This will cost 5,400£. 16,200 New viewers means around 50$ extra per day hopefully.


    I will also be writing guest posts and try to get media to write about me, my channel and my site. Every single video will have my site in description for extra backlinks, and I will have my site in my signature on forums etc... I will also advertise via Skype.

    I will also Pay Facebook pages to post my site / videos.


    I have these softwares:
    GSA SER, GSA CB. I think I will rank youtube videos with it.


    Critic my plan.