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    Oct 14, 2016
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    Hello ,
    I am looking for Credit Card Processor WHICH WILL NOT refund my customer if they didnt ask for that .
    I mean I used and after I get about 1000$ he refund all cards and block my account !!
    I tried with stripe and get blocked due to my site but I change it now and I have ssl site and all things look good now .
    now you are asking why that happend with me ?
    My customer use prepaid cards , so the Processor say this high risk .
    Stripe accept this card but the problem was with my site .
    now my site is good , any good Processor like stripe accpet prepaid cards and dont refund cards ?
    what I sell ?
    I sell services ( free lancer services )
    why me customer use prepaid cards ?
    they use it to get rid of it cause they cant get cash from it , so they buy my services .
    how much ?
    about 4000$ a month .
    where ?
    I live in Germany and my customers from usa so cards from usa .
    I tried payooner and its great with fee but my account get blocked even before I get paid !!!
    any good site like payooner which will avoid me Currency Exchange and work like Credit Card Processor .
    I know some one made 30 payments from same ip with different cards , each card have different info and he just have cards numbers !
    even he dont know cards info !
    he say he do it with stripe , is that possible ?
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    Oct 20, 2017
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    did you ever find a solution? I need the same thing!!!