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    Ok Im down on my finances and because of Forums like BHW and many other great ideas Im almost sure I can have the money rolling in in close to weeks IF i can just have the CASH to start playing BIG! Always the case. little by little just wont get to the point of WHY youre wanting quit your job right? Thats how it is for me. This forum is chock full of ideas of getting a little and turning it into a lot in a short time.
    So what if you had $3k to start your biz with? Can you get it when youre strapped? heres a short, concise method that wont break your bank if you do it right.
    1. Google " computer financing no credit check"
    2. research the ones that give the most computer typically a gaming laptop new and powerful and expensive. don't worry if its last years model. gaming computers are powerhouses that get a ton of value speed and performance, and its gonna be NEW right in the box.
    3. your payments will be steep, say 250 per mo. but typically you will get a no money down deal and your payments wont start for 30 days.
    4. set it up and sell it on ebay and get the buy now price as 200 below retail.
    5. ( now i know this is a bit of a loss to you in the long run but this gets you working cash you can use that if employed with methods here on BHF and youre smart about its use, you'll pour the 3k into marketing ( save a payment if you need time) and the computer bill can be paid back within that allotted time.
    6. This is my no credit check method of getting a better deal than you can get from payday loans and You can control your payment schedule, bc hopefully you will manage the money right so you have time to make it back while you employ the excessively awesome methods expressed here on BHW that are admittedly " pay to play".
    7. I must stress, dont take this as saying " ruin your credit" or " be stupid". Its just a creative financing method of using OPM ( other people's money) and then WORKING to make up your expenses.
    8. :eek:) happy money making!