Creative Article Marketer Needed For An Exciting Campaign

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    Hello World........, Am looking for an experienced, dedicated and creative Article marketer that can submit 15000 unique articles to 1500 of the top article sites in a two month period, that?s 187 top PR sites a week.

    We are looking to upload 10 unique articles per site and want the accounts created to be unique to the site.

    • The articles should produce back-links to the main site
    • The articles should link to the specific category in the main site
    • The articles should link to each other in the articles directories

    The job can be done automatically given the person knows how to automate the process and can manually alter and submit the failed accounts.

    I?ve looked around at all offers for this service on this and other specialist forums as well as put post on freelance and outsourcing sites: am looking for the best service at the most competitive prices. This will be ongoing probably for as long as the internet in online or I can afford broadband, if anything else the workload might increase and you might have to get someone to handle my account.

    I?m looking forward to your offers and tips, Thanks and Lets Work
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    Do you have a budget in mind? Let us know