Creating your own Catchall Email Business?

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    Creating your own Catchall Email Business?

    Catchalls is very popular among spammers? What is it popular? To explain that, we should have a basic understanding of what catchall does

    1. What is catchall?

    Catchall is a kind of email "alias". It will catch all the emails belong sent to a certain domain to a certain email address if there is no specific mail box for that email addresses. So for example you have an email address like [email protected]. So when you set up catchalls, all the email sent to * will end up in [email protected]. You may ask why we don't just create multiple email accounts on instead of using only one email account? There are several advantages of this:
    + Each email account have each own folder in HDD to store emails.
    + Each email account occupy a record in a table in a database.

    So for example if we want to create 5000 email accounts, we need to creaet 5000 directories and 5000 records in the database. That would be a death sentence for catchall providers if they do that (create an email account for each email address). Because let's say a provider has 1000 subscribers and each will create 50 email address a day (normal of mass spammers), they will need to create an whooping 50 * 1000 = 50000 folders and 50000 database records a day. Instead, if the provider uses catchall email alias, they only have to create 1000 folders and 1000 database records for the life time!

    2. Eastimating the cost the profitablity of the business:

    + Expense:
    You can buy a dedicated server with Intel Xeon CPU and 4TB of HDD for about $44/month.
    You can buy a .com domain with whoisguard for $11 per year so the cost for each month is just below $1
    + Initial investment:
    You can hire someone to set up all the stuff for for just about $200

    Now, let's see how the catcall providers are charging their users. I'll take a popular catchall provider as an example. The cheapest plan cost $6.5/month with the following features

    Unique catchall: 1 (which means 1 mail folder)
    Total inbox space: 300MB
    Max threads: 300 (These are the link building software threads, all connection to the email account happens in 1 thread so this doesn't mean much)

    So for example if they have 500 subscribers for their lowest package. Their revenue would be 5000 * 6.5 = $3250.

    The infrastructure cost is $45 so their profit is $3250 - $45 = $3205 which is very high.

    3. How do we set up a catcall email service:

    First take a good look at this topic of mine:

    Now for example, let's say your domain is and you added a record in the virtual_domain folder. Now when a customer register for your service, what happens? Let's say his username is georgemichael. You will create an email account for him at [email protected]. And then you create an alias with the name by

    That's backend. Now you can hire someone to create the frontend (user management stuff) for you or if you have programming skills you can do it yourself in just a few days.

    Have anything to discuss, please contribute.