Creating new accounts manually (with proxies). Is it safe?


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Sep 4, 2016
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How safe is to create new IG accounts manually through a proxy?
I would "age" them for a few weeks in a natural way, follow and like a normal amount of people, post maybe a few pictures, add a bio.

After 2-to-4 weeks I will gradually increase activities (likes, follow, unfollow) with a bot, and later add bio link to web2.0.

Will I risk to have IG require phone verification?
As i know most of the account need phone verification after some time, however if you use it wisely it can work
I have two legit account I regularly use with my phone and occasionally with Bluestack (no proxies) since long time. I never had to verify them... One of the accounts is even shared with my girlfriend, so she uses it from her phone too.
Probably if I keep things natural, and I do not exaggerate with bots automation, they will be safe. I'm not in a rush of growing them.

Other thoughts?
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