Creating Mass Facebook Accounts, How Long To Wait Before Logging In/Requesting Friends?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by milton, Jul 8, 2010.

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    May 21, 2010
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    So I created about 2K accounts, I made a mistake and checked through 1K accounts and then let the 2K sit for about a week.

    I came back, checked the 1K accounts and noticed 75% were disabled. However the other 1K were fine.

    So its been a week, I am wondering if 1 week is long enough aged time to start requesting friends?
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    Jun 28, 2010
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    When we use our nonpva friend adder to request friends we tend to do it as soon as we create, or purchase the accounts, this often does result in a few of the accounts becoming disabled. However, the accounts (as proven) will become disabled if you just let them sit there.

    It's all a numbers game in reality..
    Your case:
    Create 2000 accounts
    1000 Alive (1 week later)- have 1/2 the accounts to work with.
    1000 Dead (1 week later)- you've lost 1 week of potential work.

    Say, you're planning to add 50 friends per day, per account.
    1000 * 50 = 50000 friends, per day.
    50,000 friends after one day can mean several things.. However you are most likely not going to have an approval rate of 100%, so lets say you pass just on the radar (75%)
    37,500 Friends after one day, assuming they replied to your response in the first day.

    Now, you can look at your one day acclaimed 37,500 friends in a manner of ways in regard to marketing this..
    a) Facebook pages
    b) Continuing building
    c) wall posting
    d) other

    a. You've got 37,500 Friends at your disposal, what do you do? Invite them to your page to help it become viral. Generally 10% of the fans will join your page, so that means you've got a fan page with 3750 members after one day of work.
    Now think, you've wasted one week waiting for these accounts to be ready to add. You could have 262,000 fans connected to your fanpage.

    b. Simply continuing building the friends on your accounts.
    If you started earlier, quite simple, you would have more friends.

    c. Wall posting, use a cheap bot to send wall posts to all your friends with your offer.
    Started earlier, than more friends, more chance of the lead following through.

    d. Other, there is a massive variety of ways in which you can utilise traffic, and the more you have the better it is. Groups, Events, Messaging, supplying services, updates, etc.

    Hope you understood this, and it helped in some way.
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    Mar 30, 2008
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    it has nothing to do with the idle time
    but if you create too many accounts from same or similar ips
    like series and dont use them or dont phone verify thm
    then accounts get disabled
    but if u use different ips for account creation and let them be idle for a week or even a month they wont get banned
    I got 1 month old non pva facebook accounts in stock
    all working like charm