Creating Emails - for Multiple Namecheap Accounts?

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    Hey guys,

    Namecheap Support
    - said I need to have a diff email address
    for each account I create

    Long ago are the days when I would purchase 100's or 1,000's of gmails from
    china to use on CL and other "nefarious" ( :) ) purposes -

    However these days I'm trying to do things on the "up and up" when it comes to site flipping.

    I know gmail no longer tolerates "catchall accts" with more than two gmail
    accts pointing at them - they suspend your acct in a NY second. Hotmails
    then became the "go to" source option for creating hundreds of hotmails - forwarding
    them to a "catchall" master accts, then onto gmail...
    (I recall it worked by setting up a "pop3 transfer," from hotmail to gmail)

    I have read that the old "gmail trick" where you change the location of the "dot" . gets
    your accts suspended quickly (I would really prefer a way where I don't feel
    like I'm running form the "law" anymore).

    Aside form going back to my "old ways" is there a simpler alternative
    to create a new "email address" for each acct? Then again I am new to flipping
    and I don't expect a large number of "emails" needed. Right now I'm "small potatoes."

    Any help or suggestions for doing it myself?? (I want to avoid an extra "expenditure")

    ??? it would certainly be appreciated :)

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