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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Xanatos, Oct 22, 2010.

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    I'll start off by saying that I'm very new to the industry and by no means a programmer. Just had my first few sales on Facebook this week and figuring out the game more and more everyday.

    I direct link offers on Facebook but have been researching ways to increase conversion rate. The idea is to create a Facebook App that has the offer landing page in an iframe. This way people who click on an ad will be sent to the offer but still be inside Facebook. It's important that it looks more Facebookish than just some landing page.

    So I created a Facebook App and set the iframe to the url of the offer. So do I create ads that send users to the application or do I just send them to the application profile page?

    When the actual application is opened it just opens up the landing page and takes over the browser. This is not what I wanted because it needs to look like the offer is inside FB or even a part of it. I need to somehow resize it so that it sits inside of and looks like a part of the FB experience.

    If anyone who knows about this could please explain it to me I would greatly appreciate it. Like I said I'm no programmer and I didn't even know what affiliate marketing was two months ago. But I'm willing to learn and do what it takes. With this properly set up I would imagine conversions going through the roof because the user would either never have to even leave FB to sign up, or have a midway point between FB and the offer that seems endorsed by FB.

    Any help would mean a lot.

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    You cant resize their landing page. Some have HTML email submits that you could use as your landing page. It it usually about the right size to fit a page iframe.

    You could do cakeslicing. I took a landing page background and went into photoshop and redesigned the background, then put taxt boxes for first and last name address states then a box for zip code, of course all the other boxes were just text boxes and the last was for a zip submit offer, so that was the only info sent.

    Have to be creative. bad thing with cakeslices is a lot of CPA's break out of frames.