Creating adult site, welcome feedback on this method

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    This is one idea I have based on read other threads here, this approach is sllightly modified.

    The idea is to create a site that focus on a special niche, lets say MILF and target a special country. (lets say Norway, have site translated into norwegian etc) Instead of uploading videos to my site I create a script that search other porn sites for videos and if the script find a video related to my niche it automatically extract the link to the video and list it on my site.

    Site will be moneytized with targeted CPA offers, no content locking on the site.I will list the porn site on some free places accepting adult links, and adult link exchanges (if my site get accepted)

    One issue can be finding an existing site I can extract videos from which are not watermarked. The site I extract the video from can have a link to an offer, I can let this link go through so the site I extract the videos also will benefit

    I'm registered at maxbounty now but guess I would need to register at another cpa company having better cpa offers, but in my mind this can wait, first I need to see if the site can get enough traffic.

    I'm not dreaming about thousands of dollars, but I would be happy with $20 per day. If it makes $20 per day that I can repeat it and hopefully make $40 per day. Not much money but I can survive on it.

    anyone got suggestion on what site I should extract videos from? also welcome other issues I might need to solve...

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    You can use free embed videos. We have app-ly 900 videos in asian adult niche. - welcome
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    hi javBBs do u plz make a tuto for that method thx a lot