Creating a WSO: Tips, Tricks and/or Tools. Will share JOURNEY.

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    Hello. People have asked about what I do a million times. When it's friends who ask, they are most interested in learning how they too can "make money online" as the term goes. Anyway, I always say something along the lines of "It's a little more complicated than just 'making money on the computer'. I have spent years learning what I now know, but listen: Here's how I got started" and I proceed to share with them one of these "methods" that I keep in the junk drawer of my mind and the catacombs of my IM history.
    So I have a "method" that I have used to make money before when I was new, broke and desperate to make it. It's really simple and good for beginners. I'm sharing it now with a friend of mine who has pretty much call-of-duty computer experience and just a bit of start up cash - like $100. Anyway, while helping him set up and showing him the ropes of this method, I began to feel that this would make a neat little how to kit for newbs. And now I am thinking maybe I should create one and sell it for a few extra dollars. Again, the method is far too simple for BHW - it's not even "internet marketing" really so I would like to make one of those WSOs out of it and offer it to those guys, who are in most cases only slightly less wet behind the ears as DP members.

    I have never made a WSO , but I know I need:
    • WF Account (derp) - Aged? Maybe I will need to JV?
    • PDF Maker
    • WSO Page creator/kit.
    • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Experience

    Billing can be done via Paypal and so on, so the things I listed are things I don't have, but I am hoping you kind folks can help me to gain these things.
    Questions, Comments, EXPERIENCE welcomed. Will update this thread as I go along so you all can keep track of the journey.
    Thanks Everyone.