Creating a tech blog for long term profit

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    Dec 12, 2014
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    I have a nice domain that I am wanting to turn into a tech blog. It is a new domain if that matters.

    Right now I have WP theme with WP Pumper installed. It isn't posting any blogs at the moment as I disabled them but I wanted to get a game plan started.

    My intention is to turn this into a profitable site. I want it to be my actual website and possibly even add a forum and turn it into a full website instead of just a blog. Right now I don't have the time to write constant articles on technology everyday. So I wanted to use the WP Pumper to spin articles and post them. However if I choose the "Very Unique" setting from WordAI, the article sounds like a 6 year old wrote it and half of it doesn't make sense. If I choose the "Very Readable" it is perfect but is is about 95% identical to the original article.

    Does Google matter which one is better for ranking?

    Also, I plan on getting all social media setup and start posting backlinks on various .gov and edu sites and other tech blogs. Can anyone recommend me anything else that will help me? I guess my biggest question revolves around the WP Pumper and what I should do in terms of the settings and if the content.

    Thanks guys!