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Creating a Blog Network of Free Blogs? (Blogspot, ect.)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by phpfail, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. phpfail

    phpfail Regular Member

    Aug 21, 2011
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    Webmaster / Internet Marketer
    Would it be worth it to create let's say 10 free blogs all related to the same niche, do all the on page SEO correctly, update them with content bi-weekly, and build quality backlinks to them, as a free alternate to creating a blog network using domain names and different hosting accounts? I've seen quite a few blogspots which have high PR's, does Google take a link from a high PR blogspot the same as a link from the same PR blog on a domain? Just curious if the effort was put in to create and update a free blog network (of around 10 blogs) and build their PR up, then link to the money site if it would give a good boost to the money site, which would have more link building done to it then just the blog network.

    Any idea's on this?

    Edit: Also if it would be worth it, would a software to automate the process (scrape+spin+post content posted on a similar niche blog) be worth creating?
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  2. Junkfood00

    Junkfood00 Elite Member

    Sep 13, 2011
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    I would avoid it, you never know when they all get deleted. Creating free blogs does consume bandwidth and disk space so don't think they are just gonna pay so that you can spam on their network.
  3. Ravi546

    Ravi546 Registered Member

    Jul 21, 2011
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    Yes I think this is actually a good idea, wordpress, tumblr, insane journal etc have never deleted any of my web 2.0 blogs so I think this would work well. Just remember to add media to your web 2.0s, update them with content regularly and build links to them just like you would with your money site.
  4. KeijoKala

    KeijoKala Power Member

    Jan 16, 2008
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    Yeah it is worth it. Its your own army of powerfull web2.0's. I have this kind of network and it does help and because I use uniq content, it also sents nice traffic.
  5. phpfail

    phpfail Regular Member

    Aug 21, 2011
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    Webmaster / Internet Marketer
    Is there already a decent automated software to do this, or for the most part is it manual?
    Also, do occasionally link some of your blogs to the other blogs posts? Or would it be best to keep them all separate? Thanks for opinions!
  6. Scritty

    Scritty Elite Member Premium Member

    May 1, 2010
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    Affiliate Marketer
    Ok till this last bit.

    Bot scraping and auto spinning results in crap - just the sort of crap that the blog owners delete (and ban accounts for)
    Spend a day writing say 10,000 words, create 10 or 15 blogs. If they get deleted, make sure you have saved a copy of the text and know what text went on what blog so you can re-post using a different host (a 5 minute job)

    It's not quick this way. But doing this once if you are creating an authority domain isn't a bad idea. Targethut used to be the place with the best list, but that's gone now.
    Here's a list I nicked from "another forum" a few months ago (2012)

    wordpress.com - pr9
    tumblr.com - pr8
    typepad.com - pr8
    weebly.com - pr8
    blogger.com - pr8
    tripod.com - pr8
    posterous.com - pr7
    jimdo.com - pr7
    yola.com - pr7
    squidoo.com - pr7
    multiply.com - pr7
    angelfire.com - pr7
    officelive.com - pr7
    rediff.com - pr7
    wikidot.com - pr7
    webs.com - pr7
    webnode.com - pr7
    salon.com - pr7
    edublogs.org - pr6
    webspawner.com - pr6
    soup.io - pr6
    ucoz.com - pr6
    travelblog.org - pr6
    gather.com - pr6
    springnote.com - pr6
    webstarts.com - pr6
    moonfruit.com - pr6
    journalspace.com - pr6
    blog.de - pr6
    onsugar.com - pr6
    quizilla.teennick.com - pr6
    areavoices.com - pr6
    freeblog.hu - pr6
    blog.com - pr6
    blogdrive.com - pr5
    blogtext.org - pr5
    freeflux.net - pr5
    freehostia.com - pr5
    zoomshare.com - pr5
    flixya.com - pr5
    webgarden.com - pr5
    ohlog.com - pr5
    livelogcity.com - pr5
    snappages.com - pr5
    sosblogs.com - pr5
    visualsociety.com - pr5
    insanejournal.com - pr5
    alivenotdead.com - pr5
    hazblog.com - pr5
    hpage.com - pr5
    blog.com.es - pr5
    350.com - pr5
    beep.com - pr5
    devhub.com - pr5
    blog.hr - pr5
    blinkweb.com - pr5
    ewebsite.com - pr5
    flukiest.com - pr4
    bloggum.com - pr4
    inube.com - pr4
    iseekblog.com - pr4
    hipero.com - pr4
    blurty.com - pr4
    bloghi.com - pr4
    wallinside.com - pr4
    getjealous.com - pr4
    fotopages.com - pr4
    wikipages.com - pr4
    freeblogspot.org - pr4
    myblogsite.com - pr4
    spi-blog.com - pr4
    2itb.com - pr4
    mytripjournal.com - pr4
    blogreaction.com - pr4
    doomby.com - pr4
    blogge.rs - pr4
    mywapblog.com - pr4
    yousaytoo.com - pr4
    publr.com - pr3
    blogster.com - pr3
    weblogplaza.com - pr3
    spyuser.com - pr3
    bcz.com - pr3
    iblog.at - pr3
    honmag.com - pr3
    blogpico.com - pr2
    evood.com - pr2
    uwcblog.com - pr2
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  7. Salto

    Salto Regular Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    i wonder if web2.0s can get as powerful as real domains?
  8. Scritty

    Scritty Elite Member Premium Member

    May 1, 2010
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    Affiliate Marketer
    Worth remembering that it is individual URL's that rank - not domains.
    However root URL now seemes to be bouyed by onsite and offsite SEO to lower URL's (canonically) in that domain.
    So very hard in the long term to rank a WEB2 higher than your own, as you only have a link on a canonically low URL.

    Same applies to subdomains with WP and others.
    Some do though, VERY hard, need to establish real authority in terms of traffic, onsite SEOm offsite SEO, good retention and low bounce rate etc etc.

    Why go to all that trouble for a domain that's not even yours and could just be deleted by the WEB2 host whenever they felt like it?
    Build them up..sure.
    But invest too much time in them?
    Too risky.

  9. glew

    glew Junior Member

    Feb 10, 2008
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    Sure you can. I have some that are over 3 years old that rank pretty well for some main & long tail keywords. They don't get a ton of traffic but enough to generate some sort of income and good linking properties.

    They key is to build them correctly from the start and don't go overboard with your linking! Try to come up with some sort of model so that if you have to rebuild them you already have the structure model to follow.

    Oh yeah you know who taught me how to really do it properly....you did Scritty :cool:

    P.S. - Here's the thread http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/248600-create-web2-0-structures-yourself-simple-method.html?highlight=
  10. moonlighsunligh

    moonlighsunligh Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    May 1, 2010
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    Are these web 2.0's getting traffic. I just have seen some crap foreign web 2.0 sites (exteen.com) ranking for pretty competitive term. A free wordpress.com blog is on the page one.

    Seems number of pages/age is really important unless google has greylisted the web .20 sites. I am talking about ones probably from senuke list. Foreing wordpress, blogspot weebly and multiply just rank better.