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Create your own link network

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SonaBG, Oct 14, 2014.

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    Feb 17, 2014
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    Link network is safe when all is done quite well. Of course you need to have good domains which is the main aim.
    Here is a guide for you which I want to share.

    [HR][/HR]Method 1 – Free Tools: ExpiredDomains.net or DomCop.com (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOmLRkVCLw8) video tutorial

     Go to ExpiredDomains.net or DomCop.com
     Set up a FREE account
     Set up your search like the following
    § Search Term – Your Keyword
    § Common Filter – min Backlinks = 1 & min Site Results = 1
     Pick The Domain(s)
    § PR > 0
    § Page Authority > 30
    § Majestic Trust Flow > 15
    § Majestic Link Flow > 15
    § Keyword Spam – Based on majestic SEO link profile does the link profile appear natural, 3 questions to test
    i. Is porn/poker/pharmaceuticals mentioned in the anchor text?
    ii. Is the anchor text all English?
    iii. Is the exact match keyword density below 15%?
     Check Relevance – Put the site into archive.org and ask yourself these questions…
    -If the person visiting this website ended up at my site instead would they be happy since their question/problem was answered?
    -If the person was selling this site and the price was right would it make sense for my website to buy this site?
    &#61607; Bonus Alexa < 10M
    &#61607; Register Domain with Privacy Protected at NameCheap.com
    &#61607; Set up website at a different host than your main site
    § Best Host For These Purposes I Use &#8211; http://authoritywebsiteincome.com/click/bestseohost
    § IMPORTANT &#8211; Make sure you use a different host than your main site
    § Hostgator
    § Bluehost
    § Best is a multiple Class C IP Host like this one I use!
    &#61607; Pick a Strategy
    § Direct 301 redirect
    § Build feeder site (my favourite)
    § Build a private blog network site and use for 3-way link trades with other sites in your niche

    Execute Your Chosen Strategy