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create you own wiki for seo

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by bbob1970, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. bbob1970

    bbob1970 Junior Member

    Aug 12, 2009
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    Have used a new way to do seo which seems to work great.
    Use the following url:


    I have done this in several of my joomla sites.
    Don't know if the word wiki in the url helps but it seems that google likes it.
    Than I have the keywords also in the url, google does like that, we all know.
    In the meta tag description I have the keywords and some text.
    In meta keywords I have the keywords and some more keywords that I have used in the main text.

    To my surprise I had a 2 letter keywords 1 word printing and another word. I am now listed nr11 on google out of over 1 milion hits on those keywords. My main website isn't even listed on the top pages using this keyword.

    Same for a 2 letter keyword (wont reveal the first word) second is print. Out of 23 milions hit I am on nr 39.

    These are some example. Doesn't always work that way but it can get some of your inner pages high in google even without doing pushing.

    For refference the pr on the main domain is 0 but will be 1 or 2 soon.

    This proofs to me that text is the key to a good ranking. You need to stuff the page with keywords but it still need to make sense.

    The key seems to be to write a good text and repeat the keywords lost of times. I am not in poker, medicine or those type of markets.

    But as an example I will use the keywords online poker.

    You could write the following wiki

    Online poker is a game where poker is played online. You can play online poker together with other people or you can play online poker against a computer opponent. The more you play online poker the more you will like playing poker, but beware that playing online poker can become an addiction.

    If you are really into playing poker online you can think about joining an online poker tournament and maybe you can make some money on the side by playing online poker.

    This is how I would write a wiki article on my own website. Note that I use the keyword online poker lots of times but also poker is played online, poker tournament. You can use several other keywords in the text and if you for example have a seperate wiki article about poker tournament you can mke an inbound link to that.

    For 1 of my sites I have done around 40 keywords this way and their placement is going up in google now.

    I have not pushed any of these deep links but could imagine that if you did some deeplink bookmarking or links that this will help.

    My goal is to attract people and once they are on my site the will click on the products i sell. Looking at my log file I can see that it does work and people go to the wiki and than to my main page of sub pages that have actual produts on them.
  2. openfire

    openfire Newbie

    Aug 20, 2007
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    I would not put that on any website I own. Writing content like that is not a good long term white-hat seo strategy. As for the rest of what you wrote, I'll let others comment.
  3. cody41

    cody41 Power Member

    Jun 18, 2009
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    Holy crap, keyword stuffing to the max! That would actually send a flag to Google or impose a penalty of some type when i see stuff like that. Keyword % usage should always fall to the wayside and instead look to use LSI oriented type and human readable (ie "interesting) content.

    But some of your post has given me thought as to how much google loves wiki's..think i'm going to test something out..
  4. bbob1970

    bbob1970 Junior Member

    Aug 12, 2009
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    I agree it's keyword stuffing or looks like that. On the other side I think you have to write the article or wiki well enough so that it's considered a wiki and will give some information about the keyword. The text is still readable, look what I did with the poker text.

    If it will sent a flag to google, no idea, penalty, no idea, I started this around 3 weeks ago and slowly it start working for many keywords. Don't know if the wiki word that is part of the url helps, it looks like it does as to my surprise these pages rank high in google even what there are many hits and no further linking has been done on these wiki pages.

    I also add like 5 or 6 pages per day, sometime 1 week none, than several more, som this is more natural.

    Another trial I am doing is I have 8 domains that also have 1 wiki page. On that wiki page there is a list of 80 keywords that al deeplink into the main wiki domain. The order of these wiki pages are all different so it's doesn't look like the same wiki page on all 8 domains.

    Have done some check now to see how often the keyword is repeated:


    Looks like density is around 7-12%, most are below 10%.

    so the big question here also is does the keyword density help me get this high or does the word wiki in the url before the keyword also help.

    Maybe someone elso could do a trial on 2 domains with keyword, 1 with wiki and one without to see if it makes a difference.


    did antoher check.

    I have a dutch domain where I used the wiki but don't call it wiki but dictionary. on the english website I do call it wiki.
    When I compare the results it does look like the url that has wiki in it performs better. On the dutch version I have some keywords that have url without wiki and on a 5k keyword they are only listed on page 5 some are higher but not all.

    Looks like the word wiki in the url might help. but to test this one would ready need 2 domains, same keywords and test but one with and on ewithout wiki in the url.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2009