create an llc for non-us citizens?


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Jul 31, 2010
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I am trying to find a recommended service to create an llc for an asian seller who wants to sell on ebay. What is the fastest and most successful way to do this. Google is really not helping. If anyone has done this, please recommend their provider, thanks
I should mention it is NOT me, I am a us citizen based in asia, just trying to help out a good friend.
I dealt with this years ago. They have to file a form with the IRS that basically registers them as a person for tax purposes. Then they to find someone who will file for them. I would think you would want to talk to someone in Nevada at one of the formation companies. There are a ton of them, so just do a search.

The biggest issue is going to be how to open a bank account. I think the Patriot Act requires banks to "know their client" or some such horses..t. There must be some way around it and the formation companies probably know it.
just google 'delaware LLC' a million options come up.
you register in the USA tax haven and get a bank account with it usually.

or register in seychelles or belize, does it have to be USA? any IBC should work

or just read the ebook which teaches you how to make accounts and set up paypal anonymously to sell anywhere on eBay. they also have forums, plus services exist everywhere like so you can set up USA paypal. you can buy proxies here or from vip7 to log in with.
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