Crazy Conversion Rates? Could it be true?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Ramsweb, May 10, 2010.

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    Hi there guys

    I have been running Domain samuari that gives out a number called OCI for a keyword. It is a % figure that estimates how many people searching for that keyword end up buying or intend to buy as opposed to just browsing for free information. There were some pretty high numbers for some general keywords. For example, the keyword "weight loss" gets about 500k searches a day in the U.S. and the OCI stands at 16%.

    16% of 500k is 80k. Does that mean there are really 80k people willing to pull out their credit cards and buy information every day for this keyword. If it is true, what sort of a cut can the first ranked Google site get from that 80k.

    Just for the sake of convenience, lets assume that the first ranked site converts very well and captures at least 30% of the 80k people who are willing to spend money online. That is 24k sales in one day! Assuming that the average sale is about $40, the yearly gross sales amount to about $350 Million. I thought this was a ridiculous figure but dug a little deeper.

    I did a little further research and looked up on some financial information of the companies that are on page 1 of Google. Weight Watchers is listed #3 for the search term and they are a public company worth $2 Billion. I looked up their annual report and they had close to $200 Million in online revenues for the year 2009.

    The point of all this being, I think the OCI figure that domain samurai gives out could be a pretty decent number to go by and should encourage a lot of IMers to go for it. Obviously, it would be pretty foolish to target keywords such as this but there is definitely good money to be made out there if you know where to aim. I just thought I would share this as I am a newbie who hasn't seen a lot of money in sales. I am building a campaign to do just that but do some day dreaming once in a while and decided to run some numbers to check out if dreams could really come true. :lol:

    It would be interesting to hear some opinions.