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    A few months back someone on here was creating and selling gmail accounts. I did a search, cant seem to find them again. I don't want a program. I want someone that can actually create them and sell them to me with email address plus password. Depending on the price, I would need 50-1000. The guy from before, that I cant find, was charging like $15 for 1000. Should be easy money for someone that has a GAC.

    I also need a craigslist poster. Send me a PM on your price, how many posts are included in the pack, how many times per day you post, how many times per week, etc. It also helps if you have a thread going so I can see you are legit and you are reliable. I need to post in the non-service section. Preferably in a few different states besides the one I'm in.

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    We can post in craiglist for you for cheap prices in USA country.

    Let me know your needs via PM.