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    Hell0 all!

    First Time Poster, First Timer on this site...

    I have experience in HTML and PHP, and I'm trying to write something that will peruse ca category's listings faster than the search dialogue that's there.

    When you post a CL ad, you get emailed a listing link (among other things) immediately. Which is public, if you have the link. Thus, I was trying to see if there was a numbering schema to listings or if it was a random number, and I haven't been able to figure it out. The listings seem to be sequential, but not consistently numbered... to my knowledge. I have a hunch that it is global for all craigslists, as for a span of 30 minutes i'll see a number change in the tens-of-thousands, but I'm just not sure.

    I am trying to figure out what the listing scheme is for a particular category
    so that I can view listings as they post, not 20-30 minutes later. I made a PHP file that would load the url, see if it was a valid listing, and if so, it would post it, otherwise it'd go to the next number, doing 30 at a time to allow for page timeouts.

    Here's what I wrote, but it takes 30-40 seconds to do 50 numbers... And I don't want to get my server blocked from 'excessive' access to craigslist servers....

    // Set Time Limit indicated in settings above
    function doesListingExist($start,$end,$limit) {
        $page = $_GET['p'];
        $listingnumber = $start + ((($page + 1) * $limit) - $limit);
        $listingnumberEND = $listingnumber + $limit;
        $troubleshooting = true;
        if ($troubleshooting) {
            echo 'listing num to start with: ' . $listingnumber . '<br />';
            echo 'listing num to end with: ' . $listingnumberEND . '<br />';
            echo 'limit to ' . $limit . ' per page<br />';
            echo 'page number: ' . $page . '<br />';
        while($currentNum <= $end) {
            // Assign Link Location
            $urlToLoad = '' . $listingnumber . '.html';
            // See if Listing Exists
            if (!fopen($urlToLoad, 'r')) {
            // Open Listing and assign to Variable
            $handle = fopen($urlToLoad, 'r');
            while (!feof($handle)) {
                $buffer .= fgets($handle, 4096);
            // See if Listing is Active
            // TROUBLESHOOTING echo "||" . strpos($buffer, '<div id="flags">') . "||";
            if(strpos($buffer, 'iPhone')) {
                $newstart = $listingnumber + 1;
                echo "go to <a href='test.php?start=" . $newstart . "'> next page... </a>";
                echo '<iframe src="' . $listingnumber . '.html" frameborder="0" style="width:100%;height:900px;"></iframe>';
            if ($listingnumber == $listingnumberEND) {
                echo "go to <a href='test.php?p=" . $page . "'> next page... </a>";
    Any Ideas?