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    CPM Ad Server has been offering some of the best and most unique multiplayer gaming content through its proprietary technology allows for multiplayer. Merging CPM Ad Server unique mix of premium brand advertisers, content providers and unique product licensees, promises the CPM Ad Server network to the world of online entertainment by revolutionizing thrive interesting content on the market. CPM Ad Server itself the goal to create innovative interactive entertainment by the exciting new content on the Web by intelligent design, marketing and technology to lead to success.
    CPM Ad Server company bidding CPM and CPC banners, CPM to publishers with their high prices ..... CPM rates in different Varrie Countries.Also we have top advertisers around the world ... CPM Ad Servers is growing ... In Short CPM ad servers are in top five in Companies Online Maketing .... CPM Ad Servers to their publishers usually on Net Net 15 and 30 ... pay via Paypal, Moneybookers, Alertpay, and transfer ... Even CPM Ad Servers offer the opportunity to present their publishers, the payment gateway on thier chosen to receive .... Even CPM Ad Server company needs more Advertisers from around the world .... Mostly we need Europen Advertiser ...
    if at all interested advertisers to advertise their ads then we welcome ... CPM Ad Server Pvt Ltd. Advertise on CPM and CPC basis ..

    1: What kind of service does CpmAdserver offer?
    CpmAdserver provides an online advertising and publishing platform for both our advertisers and publishers.

    2: Who should CPM Ad Server?
    a) webmasters and website owners who will benefit by advertising on its site but does not want to be bothered with the extra work
    involved in the recruitment of advertisers.

    b) Advertisers, marketers, agencies and small business owners who are about their product or service to present to the Internet.

    3: What are some words that I know before I start to do?
    - CPM (cost per thousand impressions) refers to the cost of producing thousands of impressions.
    - CPC (cost per click) refers to the cost the advertiser pays when a visitor clicks on the ad.
    - CTR (Click Through Rate), the number of clicks on an ad by the number of advertisements will be shown as a percentage gets divided.
    - ECPM (effective cost per thousand impressions), the average cost per thousand impressions delivered.
    - CPA (cost per action), advertisers pay for each specified action - such as a purchase, sign a form or template - linked to the display

    4: I am an international provider / editor, can I join?
    Yes, you can check out our advertisers or publishers program. All funds are in U.S. dollars.

    5: What payment options do you offer?
    We offer Moneybooker and WireTransfer as payment options.