CPI Journey (Progress, network review etc.)

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    Time for a personal IM journey, the first one for me here.

    My IM experience includes: Adsense, FB (fan pages), email marketing.
    Had a lot of ups and downs since the high school years earning online, and I think that now it is time to get the cheese in many ways, so that it won't get depleted and leave me in a bad situation.

    I'm 25, living in Europe, got a bachelor degree that I'm wiping my ass with ("stormy days"), and looking forward to a bright IM future from now on, why not?

    Generally I'm a person that likes challenges, because I don't give up easily in any situation, however, going from $100+ days with Adsense and FB back in 2013-14, to ditching the whole thing now because of not being aware of the surroundings, taught me a great lesson that one should always be moving forward and looking for the cheese.

    As for the cheese, I'm referring to the book: "Who Moved My Cheese?" written by Spencer Johnson. It's a brilliant book, though it's not that I read a lot, but it really provided me with a different perspective on life. Too bad I read it a bit late perhaps, however, it's never too late to start again and aim big.

    Consequently, I've started gradually and safely with Instagram and stumbled upon the OGAds network, through which I'm engaging in CPI. Started exactly on 25th of September, and 2 months in, I've got my small "investment" back, while now it's time to scale big... going hard or going home.

    I've had all kinds of push backs with this method, bans, pv's, follow blocks, deleted pics, vps issues, you name it, but I'm still optimistic enough that I will be able to scale and reach my goal. The goal I've currently set is $50 a day, but it definitely won't stop there. By far, the most I've reached was $30 for a day, then had a collapse with the new algo's from IG, came back up and now it's at $0.60-$1+ per acc with 23-ish accounts so far.

    The method that I'm doing is definitely not a long-term one, as it's quite black hat, so will be focusing in white hat long-term sources after I stabilize this one on automation (though very difficult).

    * Now, a very important thing which I will be doing along the journey, even though I'm not planning to update it very frequently, is the network review along the progress. I understand getting a halt in progressed and bushed backwards from IG, because the least they want is people like me and others dealing with the method, ruining their platform. However, I won't tolerate the network to be a bump in the road. For once, OGads has been good so far, at least in my opinion with it being the first ever CPI/CPA experience. As I've mentioned in previous posts, the network has a good manager (my manager), Bobby. The owners try to fix things and improve the network, but lately I'm a bit disappointed in them.

    Whenever there are ridiculously-fast capped offers, which negatively affect us affiliates CVR's, one of the owners comes in and blames everyone's traffic for the CVR issue. I know my traffic and they convert pretty damn well, because it is extremely targeted and they are 99.99%TIER 1 (mostly US). The same owner goes on to say 'Tier 1 converts', and I don't understand why they don't give out the reason that they just don't have enough offers and the good converting offers that they have, get capped quick by the top earners.

    In a normal day, I have 35%+ CVR. In an abnormal day, with the good offers capped and all that, I get around 23-24%.

    I don't want to get into the internal business of the network and continue the rumors of irregularities among some affiliates who were engaged even in illegal stuff... that's up to the network and relevant authorities. My wish as an affiliate is, more offers (especially US), less capping and no shaving or anything of that nature. Provide me with that, and I'll be investing thousands to get as much traffic as possible. So far the overall experience was good, and surely better times will come.

    Anyway, to end this, I'll be updating with the progress anytime that I see necessary, some can use it as motivation, some can learn something maybe, but in overall I'm keeping this more as a progress tracking thread, reviewing the network that I'm currently in and the other ones (if I ever switch) for the others to know, and so on... let's see how it goes.
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    The hell, sorry i meant Venezuela.
    Good luck!
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    Good luck with your Journey! I'm in the beginning stages of the same method. Working on my niches and targeting before scaling up.
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