CPA Technique - Incentive offer, is this possible?


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Jun 29, 2012
Hello guys.

So i am trying to get in cpa marketing. Basically i am trying to do this with incentive offer + email submit. Have a landing page with email form and submit button where im offering (lets say a free ebook), reader need to fill in their email directly WITHOUT filling any offers/survey and got redirect to download page after they submit their email.

So my question is, is it possible to have the user email submitted to the campaign advertiser (from the cpa network im working with) without filling up their real offer/survey?

Do i need some script, or is there any tools from cpa network could help me with this? Btw, im with adworkmedia, cpalead, peerfly and a few others right now.
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The thing for incentive traffic is that the advertiser needs to make money in order to pay out for the emails. How does the advertiser make money from your setup? If their funnel requires people to do what most email submits do, they would need to purchase something or give their CC to be recorded for free trails at the end of the process. Think logically here, this area where you really look at the cpa email submits and wonder; WHY THE FUCK would anyone fill this out?

I tried filling out surveys for a gpt site before, and I do have to say that the only legit ones, were the ones that made you buy an overpriced item to get your $$$ back reward at the end of the shipping process. Finally, think that if they are making money by using this in their offers, why can't you cut them out and you make the offer directly to the clients?
I read some thread here and people getting banned using those script. Am i trying to do a blackhat stuff? Is this allowed on most cpa network?

You are right, you will get banned if caught but its ways to hide it. Kinda complicated but its possible.

You need to iframe the offer to wherever the user puts their email in. A lot of of advertisers block iframe so you have to get past that first.

Then you have to hide where the submission is coming from which takes a few extra steps I dont know.
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