CPA Program With API or Editable Code

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    Aug 9, 2014
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    Hi guys,
    I am publishing my first money site after lurking here for a while, so excuse me if my question is a bit nooby (I have used the BHW search feature for this question).

    My money site contains a list of games up for 'free download', each game has a download page. This is all generated automatically by scraping the game information from the internet.

    I want to content lock the download file, I am currently using CPA Lead.
    The problem is that for each file I want to content lock I have to log into the CPA Lead interface and generate the content locker using their interface.

    This sucks as the idea of my whole operation is that pages are generated automatically.
    Does anybody know a CPA program which allows me to automatically modify or generate new content lockers for each one of my download files?