CPA Networks that actually feature CPA/CPS programs?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by CroKing23, Dec 16, 2014.

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    BHW help me out please!

    I am relatively new to the industry so forgive my ignorance, my partner and I recently launched a niche Dating site and in attempt to generate additional traffic, I've reached out to a number of CPA networks in hopes of getting CPA (or CPS) program for commissions. Over 80% are not even interested in discussing CPA, rather they immediately push for CPL (at an average of $5-8 for single opt-in), making the cost of an actual sale somewhere around $120-160 on a $40 membership. Obviously you can see my concern with that, being that risk is all one sided. So my question is are there CPA Networks still willing to go the old route of getting paid on actual sales where fraud is much easier to detect and both parties incentive is the "SALE" not a potentially unproved lead.

    Thanks In Advance For Your Help
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    15 does, I am not sure if they accept Dating niche though.