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Discussion in 'CPA' started by below_radar_00, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Okay, I'm brand new to CPA stuff. I just got accepted into MaxBounty, Spark Leads, FluxAds and CPAWay. I'm looking at doing $1-$2 email submits for gift cards and iphones/ipads. I know PPC and PPV is an option but I had a couple of other ideas and wanted to see if these will work or not.

    1. What if I created a Facebook Group that's all offers. I market the group as an offer group, basically join this group and receive several offers to receive free iphone/ipad or gift card. Then I update the status a few times a day with different offers. Would this work or is this type of traffic frowned on? I have a lot of friends of FB and I could invite all of them and isn't there a way to buy 1k members too?

    2. Craigslist has a free items section under the for sale section. Couldn't we post these email submit offers in there or is it against CL or the CPA Network?

    3. I get a piece of mail every month called the ValPak. If you are from the US then you probably get one too. It's a blue envelope with tons of coupons in it from local businesses. Has anyone tried making a mail piece for email submits and having ValPak or a similar service mail them? I realize there would be costs involved with making the piece and then getting it mailed out but I think this method would be the cheapest direct mail campaign you could get. People who open those coupon things are probably interested in going to a website for an offer, I would imagine.
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    I know #2.. It's usually against 'most' TOS to post on Craigslist.

    However, you can probably keep the CPA offer off of the CL ad.. Have them email you, then individually email them with the CPA offer. :)
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    This... AND MORE!! :D
    you need to b e creative in your thinking all things will work you just must do it with you best hide work.

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    Most CPA networks are against the #2 (CL method). Don't even try to use that method as they might get you banned. And for the #1, don't just post all offers directly into your Facebook Fan page, instead give value to your fans first.

    If you give value on what you are dealing with a potential customer or lead, they might give you conversions. Try to be creative and experiment on your own, this is where most CPA marketers are successful with their "hidden gem" technique.