CPA + Link Locking Journey

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Haydon, Mar 3, 2012.

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    Hey All:)
    So as you can see I am quite a noob, with having not even reached the 20 post mark. I have decided to change that and become more involved in here! 3 CHEERS:)

    I have been reading a lot of these "journeys to $50 a day etc etc" Suddenly a whole lot have sprung up, as I guess everyone could do with an extra $50 a day.
    Being the complete beginner here I have decided that I too would like to start earning this cash. But before I begin I would like to ask all you out there some questions - so i can better my performance. You guys are literally inspirations to me. HAHA.

    I have decided to start off with link locking. I will upload a file to Media File, copy the link and the get the link locker to kick in. BUT I have no idea what are some good lockers? I have had a look at bee4biz, sharecash( i cannot upload illegal files ) -Or can I?-, and a few more
    What is THE BEST link locker that has really high pay outs and is just in general the top company to use?

    Once that is done I will spread the link around by uploading a video to YouTube, and hopefully getting people to click on my link.

    What is a good top niche to enter? Music / Downloads?
    I am currently on a proxy school network so all download sites are blocked.
    What niche would you recommend?

    Thanks so much.
    So maybe this will turn into a journey. A noob journey:p
    I just need all your opinions, what is the best thing to do etc?
    I want to learn!:)

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    Apr 16, 2011
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    for locking contents you can go for ******** , Affiliate cash pile or even EWA> these are really cool. and they accept visitors form Video sites too. :)