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    Let me introduce myself first, My name is Michael im 20 years old and i come of a Russian backround. I have just finished high school and took a year off, so i have plenty of time. I currently live in Toronto, Canada. I have done CPA in the past and was averaging about 140-150$ per day in the summer untill i had to go back to school. I have a very big project im looking to take on that is bound to go viral, and im looking for a serious partner who can manage Facebook viral scripts. I have already done research regarding my idea and have already starting working on it. I need someone who can always keep in touch with me and someone i can trust. This JV will be like a partnership, and i plan to take on bigger projects in the future! We will be splitting profits 50/50. Please Pm me if your serious about this business venture, i look forward to hearing from you ;)