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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by sgmoney, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I have CPA accounts I'm looking for JVs on.

    Let me know which CPA networks you need access to and what the rev share will be. I can get new and fresh accounts specifically for this and can scale it up. (Multiple accounts with each)

    PM me the following
    1. Profit share
    2. Network list
    3. Blackhat/Greyhat/Whitehat
    4. What's your record like, how long have your 4 figure accounts been up and running?
    5. If you're able to give me any guarantee with regard to avoiding bans on accounts.

    Currently looking for one or two individuals to scale this up with long term.

    Let me know your ban rate. Honestly so that I can factor that in.

    My current providers
    So far most of the accounts have been 1-2k per month before the split. I've got one partner who does 6-8k on one of the networks.

    Shares so far have been 45/55 to 40/60

    Just to reiterate, my preference is for the long haul. If you're planning on blitzing and hoping for payout then please make it known.

    I'm all for slow growth if it ensures that we both have a long term source of income.
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    I can assure a long term white hat method JV with Neverblue.

    The profit split will be 80/20 because there is lots of work needed from my side. But it will be real long term business.
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    yo womanfcuker, how much payout can you get every month for NB? like how many figures is that?
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    @womenfcuker, what all networks you can work with? I have long list of available networks.....