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Jun 26, 2009
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I just received a hyped-up email telling me a new program called "CPA Instruments" at cpainstruments[dot]com was something I absolutely had to have.

Does anyone have any reviews of this? I am sure there are plenty of speculators as I can pretty much figure it out, but would appreciate some fact-based feedback. Thank you.
you want me to push an affiliate link in here???

Use your sense I took a look at the sales page and the sales video sucks - UNREALISTIC AND PATHETIC STORY
It's by the same dude that launched Profit Instruments, Ritoban C. He hired a company to do his sales videos. I'd be interested in taking a look at this if someone could get their hands on it. Now sure if I want to cough up and cash for it though.
Ya, I just got the email as well...hypey...but interesting
Module 1 - The Basics Module 6 - Paid Traffic Instruments
Module 2 - Getting In Module 7 - Driving Paid Traffic
Module 3 - Choosing Offers Module 8 - List Building
Module 4 - Free Traffic Instruments Module 9 - Powerful Mechanisms
Module 5 - Driving Free Traffic

- CPA Instruments Theme
- $10K Per Month CPAI Case Study
- Partner Bonus
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You can download for module 1 in here...
yep the last one was ok but all pretty basic stuff
kind of thing that goes well on WF or similar

prob with cpa offers is they expire and change so you need to keep updating links etc
It actually is pretty good. I watched the 3 free videos. They go over a few decent points. Check it out if you want to. Like I said, it actually is not bad.
Perhaps you should get the mods to move it over to the download section?
or start a new thread if it is any good
just a thought for you.

Hey globalwonplusdotinfo,

I had already sent a PM to a MOD.
Waiting for response...
Even tough the info is nothing revolutionary and the market probably has slimmed down from the "original" 750MM, I like the video presentations of this guy; :)

More images and dynamic graphics than the classic:
BLA BLA BLA ...... (words) :mischievo

Something that most of the marketers should use indeed IMHO.
Some of this material is quite useful I think. A lot of duplication, so could be trimmed down to 3 or 4 videos, but for a CPA guide - worth a look imo
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