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Discussion in 'CPA' started by dsyyyy, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Hi Everybody,

    I'm very new to BHW and have a lot of questions for you experts out there. I have two instagram accounts, one having 89k followers and the other having 39k followers. The 39k followers account is more popular and has made it to the popular page quite a lot of times. Can i get any advice on how to leverage on these two accounts to earn money? I've heard about CPA but i really don't know how to go about getting started. I tried selling my instagram accounts on ebay and got banned, so selling my accounts is much more difficult now. So i figured that i should just find ways to make money with my accounts. Help please?
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    Read this article, there is written how some kids bank on Vine.
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    There are a few ways:

    You can link a freebie offer say like it's an iphone 5 giveaway or something else.
    You can sell shoutouts. There's alot of people that gets there followers that way. Just remember to be cheap.
    You can have a freemyapps link in your bio. Every user that signs up and downloads at least one app after they pressed your link will earn you $.66. If you want to maximize the earnings you can post a pic that's like: The first 100 people to press my link and sign up and after that download one app will get a shoutout.

    There's alot of more ways, but those are the ones i could think of right now.
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    The idea is to be careful about how you place offers.

    You'll want to post images of different offers. So lets say you go to a CPA network and get an offer for something clever like an iphone 5 giveaway

    You would post that and say something like "givin away iphones..sweet!"

    Just remember not to over do it and do mix it up with both the captions and the offers. If you say the same thing everytime you caption a CPA offer it becomes obvious.

    Good luck