CPA Content Wizard Problems>Please HELP!

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    Uploading the wp-smartfeed plugin
    Logically, I do know that you can instantly upload your plugin into WP with no problem WP has a built in upload stress free feature where you can easily upload and add plugins.
    At first when I uploaded the CPA Content Wizard I got a message saying that it was uploaded successfully BUT I DID NOT SEE THE wp-smartfeed which is needed to automatically feed the music RSS Feeds
    in addition to that problem once the plugin is successfully installed you should be able to see the two new lines should appear in the Post Edit feature section 1. RSS Feed Manager 2. Protection Settings.
    the problem is that I AM STUCK I HAVE TRIED TO UPLOAD THE PLUGIN THROUGH WP, but the files are not there
    :( you first have to upload the WP-SMARTFEEDER AND I DON'T KNOW HOW!!! Please help in ANY way you can. Thank you.:)