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    When a CPA company calls, what do they expect you to have?
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    This... AND MORE!! :D
    I want to here how you are going to make the conversions if i talk with you at all they want real info for real sales leads that what they want.

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    It goes pretty much like this:

    Them: "Hi, I'm Cindy Jo from <shitty affiliate network>, how are you today?"
    Me: "Hi Cindy, I'm great, how are you today?"
    Them: "Doing fine thanks. So, I'm calling with regards to your application with <shitty affiliate network>. I had a few questions for you if that's ok..."
    Me: "Sure thing."
    Them: " first, how long have you been doing CPA marketing?"
    Me: "About X months."
    Them: "Okay, and what is your major traffic source, and what offers do you promote?"
    Me: "I use <traffic source> as my main traffic source and I also scale on <other traffic source>. I prefer to run <offer type 1> or <offer type 2> because <whatever your reasoning is here>"
    Them: "Ah, I see. Are you currently with any other affiliate networks, and are you running any offers with them right now? If so, how many leads per day are you sending?"
    Me: OPTION A: "Right now, I'm not with any other networks, you're actually the first one I applied to because I saw that you have great reviews on AffiliatePaying, and it says you're great with helping out relatively new affiliates."
    Me: OPTION B: "Yup, I'm with <another affiliate network name>, but you guys have higher payouts for the offers that I'm looking to run, so I'd be shifting all of my traffic to you guys!"
    Them: "Sounds great. Well, I'm going to go ahead and approve your account. Jack Black will be your affiliate manager, he'll email you shortly, if you need anything, please let him know."
    Me: "Awesome, thanks so much, I'm looking forward to working with <shitty affiliate network>."
    Them: "Thanks for your time, have a good day."
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