CPA Account Approval Needed

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    Hey everyone,
    I m looking for CPA Account Approval people, if you can help me get cpa account please let me know your contact info here or add me in... I will pay you a good price for each account approval. Also I hope to find people who can have a long-term cooperation with me.
    Notice: All things are negotiable if you think you are good at doing this.

    Here I listed 3 options that you may interested:
    option A: We cooperate with each other, when the payment time comes, you collect the money, and you let me get paid from you. (benefit can discuss)

    option B: I prepare all the application things, you let those accounts get approved, I pay you money for each account. (benefit can discuss)

    option C: You already have some approved account, I m interested, you sell it to me,(all of it related to the account,)after we check the account is ok, we pay you money.(benefit can discuss)

    Do let me know which options you will going to choose ???
    I do really hope that we could have a long term business relationship between us.

    Here attached some payment proofs for your wild reference, only let you know we have that ability to make your money grow.
    coz there have some limits in this forum, change capital letter "Q" into "/", just change, copy then knew how it works.

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    let's try - pm me