Couple questions for guys with more experience

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    Hi, sorry for long post

    I started dabbling with Pinterest a couple months ago. Had one account, built it up to 23k followers easily using iMacros my friend made(following, repining, liking). He really did a good job on that script and the script worked better than it works now after the recent changes to pinterest. I don't have the right to share it, so don't even bother asking me. TIP: Follow your followers' followers, they get a follow-back button in the notification so it increases followback %. Milk that cow until it lasts, it's already less effective because tabbed notifications (those darn News & Messages grrrr)

    Anyway, done a few stupid mistakes, pinned/repinned too much stuff and got that 23k followers one suspended.

    Started 5 more accounts after the first one got banned, each account on separate dedicated proxy. 3 are still live and kicking - 2 are ~15k followers, 1 is @ ~10k followers. About a couple of days ago I bought 10 dedicated proxy package, setup another 7 accounts and they're being slowly built as I'm writing this. I believe in a month I will be able to build them all up to ~8-10k followers each.
    So, at that point I'd be sitting @ ~100k followers total, or ~10k followers/account. Give or take 10-15k, I might be unable to maintain them daily and some of them just might get banned.
    I don't build new accounts by using old ones, so most of those 100k followers would be unique.

    If I was to monetize with the usual food/recipes + adsense crap, I do a real good, clean WP site that looks legit and doesn't scream MFA, how much can I expect? 0.5$/account per day? Maybe 1$ even? I know there are variables in this, but you guys that are doing it, share some insight.

    Can I expect enough traffic to get decent commisions if I was to monetize with affiliate stuff (fashion, home decor etc...)?

    I plan on building each account up to ~15k followers cuz it's kinda capped at that point due to following limits (followback accross most of my accounts is 25-30% and I've read somewhere you can't follow more than 50 000 profiles, I never really checked if it's true). Is it too little to expect any kind of virality on my pins? I know I had some of my pins go viral with my first account that got to 23k followers, but I'm interested in the virality of my 15k accounts...

    I'm doing some unfollowing on 2 of my accounts that are @15k followers at the moment - is it even neccessary? I've heard bigger followers/following ratio improves visibility of pins accross your base of followers, is this true?

    Any other tips are welcome. Thanks