Could use your help starting affiliate program!!! Peep inside..

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    Okay, I am a weight trainer...I have been working out for the past 2 years...I started out at the weight of 128lbs (a married man w/ kids)...I didnt like the idea of being a grown man and weighing the same as my I decided to join the gym...ever since then...I put on massive pounds of muscle...i've gone up...came back down in weight...and EVERYone who sees my transformation are astounded at my before and after. I decided to sell my story/program online...but need you guys help. Basically, i'm going to contact richman or anyone else who is good at making a minisite....i'll provide photos so they can incorporate them into the actual minisite. From that point...I'd like to outsource the work to anyone who is willing to go and promote...I'd like to provide banners/referral links to all affiliates and have a great payout (possibly $17) per sale...If anyone knows a better way for me to accomplish this please let me know...I'm all ears....I laid down the basics to what i'm trying to just hit me and let me know if i'm on the right track...or if I should try a better method....I"m basically trying to provide to all the SKINNY men across the world a solution to packing on weight...and my plan really works...i've trained a bunch of ppl already so i also have before and after photos as well as testimonials.....hit me and let me know wassup...thanks guys!