could i submit one article to many article directories like

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by edward003, Mar 19, 2010.

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    i wonder if i could sumbit just one article to many article directories, or should i sumbit different articles to different article directories? and must i buy the paid article submission service? is free aritcle submission also effective?
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    i think you can submit to all of them.
    you can submit yourself.
    and i also have health related article website
    if you want, you can submit to my site.:)
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    You could try it, but you'll probably be sorry if you do it in the wrong order.

    I noticed you only named one directory, EZA. Their TOS says they only want original content from you. So if you sent the article to one of the thousand other places first, then they (EZA) reject you because then they don't see it as original any more. Now they think the other place stunk it up.

    That's why if you look closer at this biz you will notice that there are products called spinners, which change the article, enough so it passes copyscape, which tells you if it is duplicate content. The whole reason why people do that is because what you are talking about doing gets you rejected quickly.

    But all of the directories are not so picky, and the other part is, they may not be as important, but that is a value judgment that is up to you, in your strategy, if you choose to agree with that or not.